06 November 2005

More questions for a future leader

In my previous log about leadership development Preparing to be a leader I put forward several questions a leader could ask himself to analyze his surroundings. A future leader can also ask himself questions about himself before he takes on his role as leader. Those questions could be:

- Why do I want to lead?
  • Because I want to control?
  • Do I want to be noticed or do I want security?
- How do I want to lead?
  • Am I going to be leading or supporting?
  • Will I keep my distance or will I cooperate?
  • Do I want to be the best or do I want to create cooperation?
- How do I see the employees, I am going to lead?
  • They are independent, mature employees.
  • My employees still need to learn a lot and I will have to teach them.
  • I will need to support my employees to learn their skills and responsibilities.
  • Do I want to order and let them do their job or do I want to tell them how they should do their job?
- What do I want to achieve with my leadership?
  • Should it make the organization successful?
  • Should I be successful?
  • Should my department be successful?
- How do I see myself?
  • Am I the master and are my employees the pupils?
  • Am I the only one who knows how everything should be done?
  • I am only the messenger, not the maker of policy.
  • I am like a father to my employees, who should protect them against the unknowns from outside the department.
- What do I feel, when thinking of leading others?
  • It feels good.
  • I feel insecure.
  • I am afraid.
  • I have bad premonitions.
These questions can be expanded.

- What are my strong points?
- Why was I chosen?
  • I am the best in my field.
  • I adjust my behavior to the organization policy.
  • I adjust myself to my colleagues.
  • I do what I am told, without asking questions.
  • I ask questions about orders and the policy of the organization.

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