09 September 2006

Leadership and natural talents

It seems that most people really like to be special in one way or another. I can imagine this myself. Of course it feels good to get attention because you are good at something. But lets not follow that idea as it comes to leadership. Because as a leader you will always get attention. First of course because most people think, you are the best at what you do. Secondly just because you are the leader. Thirdly because some people will see you as a means to achieve their goals. Fourthly because some will want to take your place. Fifthly because everybody around you is looking for their safety with you. So as a leader you get so much attention, that most of the time, it has nothing to do with any talent you have what so ever. And the talent you do have, is unrecognizable for most people, if they do not have it themselves (if we would believe most leaders.)

The best leader is you
I would not call leadership a talent like playing the piano or painting or running or writing. Leadership is just being the best you can be as a human in relation to and with others. If that is a talent, than we all have it. In the end it is just choosing to the best you can be and getting the opportunity to practice your leadership.
Getting the best from yourself is growing up in a risk tolerant surrounding, so you can make mistakes and learn from them. Getting the best from yourself is also being supported by someone who has high expectations and will give you the chance to make true on those expectations. And not by stating those expectations, but also create the training facilities and to coach you while you practice. That support also means keeping someone motivated if he lets himself get beaten down by a situation. And then when everything goes right, you get your leaders just like that.
In the end the only talent a leader really needs is some common sense.