24 June 2008

Leadership and still more rules

Well now you know that you need to be conscious of the rules you follow and act by. But what is the next step? Do you really need to judge and dissect every rule you have? If you want to be honest: Yes you have. However if this is humanly feasible is a completely different question. Because as you start to consciously dissect every rule you follow, the first thing you need to do is to become conscious of every rule you use, for example: older employees cost to much. Secondly you need to become aware of the fact if there is not another rule behind that rule. IE: Older employees cost to much, because I do not want to associate with them, as I look up to there experience in life and get the feeling they are watching me when they are around. Thirdly it is necessary to free up time, to become aware of all those rules. Fourthly you need to be able to forgive yourself for using rules you find morally or ethically unjust. As a fifth point you need to make a choice whether you want to keep using a rule or not. And sixth you need time to think up a new rule, if you think it necessary. However it might be enough to be aware of the rules and express the desire not to use them anymore.

But in the end the question will be: Can you be happy with your leadership, if you leave your rules unconscious? I find this hard to believe. Certainly when it turns out that your leadership is making other people unhappy and you need to impress yourself with the idea that you are happy with your leadership.