05 September 2008

Leadership and even more success

How important is it for a leader to define his own success? Should a real leader not need to focus on the success of others? Or what can he do to make others succeed? In that case the definition for the success of a leader would be: "Under his leadership everybody realized their goals."

Such a definition is tasking for a leader. First of all he is dependent on how many people he leads. Because the larger the group, the more difference between all the goals of group. And how do you support all those different goals.
Secondly he is dependent on the amount of support he receives. Because the larger the group the more support he needs.
It also means, that a leader should be willing to receive help with his leadership. The support however has to sides. The one side is the help offered to and accepted by the leader. The other side is the acceptance of the leaders help by those being helped to achieve their goals.
Thirdly a leader should be willing to be open to goals that are not his own. He has to let go of his ego, and make the goals of others his goal. He should be able to gain pleasure from the pleasure others have achieving their goals.