16 September 2005


Lets start with stating, that leadership is something that every human being is born with. Some may have mor e feeling for it, than others, but everyone has it. But as with every aptitude, it might vanish as it is not being used. So humans possess leadership and during their life the either develop it or not.

However, I assume that the aptitude for leadership disappears when it is not developed, but you could ask yourself if there is only one kind of leadership. For example:
  • Is parenthood not somekind of leadership?
  • Are there not lots of people who lead in all kinds of situations, that are often not associated with leadership?
The questions we should ask, before we start talking about leadership, are:
  • What do we mean with leadership?
  • Is leadership something that happens in every situations or only in certain situations?
  • Might leadership not be dependend on the culture that looks at it and from which it is looked at?

But first of all lets start with determining what is meant with leadership.

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